General Notices

Reminding All Homeowners to Read the General By-laws:

It is every homeowner’s responsibility to be familiar and comply with the Wentworth at the Willows Condominium Corporation General By-laws which includes the Architectural Standards. Please note that the revised By-laws (BYLAWS/Bylaw Amendments/ General Bylaws – Registered May 2017) and Architectural Controls (Schedule C – Adopted May 2017) are considered “in addition to” and should not replace the Original Bylaws (BYLAWS/Original Bylaws/Original General Bylaws) and Architectural Controls (Schedule B – Proposed June 15 2004). Please contact the Board members if you have any questions or require clarification of the Bylaws, including seeking permission from the Board for exterior renovations, erecting fences between units or parking recreational vehicles, boats or refuse bins on driveways.

Garbage and Recycling 

Please make every attempt to keep your garbage and recycle bins out of sight on the days they are not being picked up.  By doing so, we will continue to maintain the aesthetic appeal of The Wentworth at the Willows.

Annual General Meeting

The Wentworth Board of Directors have decided to have an in-person Annual General Meeting (AGM) again this year.  The Condominium Property Act requires that an AGM be held every year.

Please note that the AGM will take place on May 15, 2024 at 7:00 pm at The Hampton Inn, 105 Stonebridge Blvd, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0G3.

Condo Fees

This is a friendly reminder that 2023 condo fees are due by December 31, 2023.

The fees have not increased for 2022 and we are continuing to offer e-transfer to help with obtaining prompt payments.

  • The full amount ($1,200.00) will be due December 31, 2022
  • Interest will be charged for late payments (18% per annum compounded monthly)
  • Two options for payment:
    • Cheque – made payable to:  Wentworth at the Willows Condo Corp
      • to be dropped off in the mailbox at Unit #35
    • Etransfer – send payment to
      • please make your security question . . .
        • Where do we live?
      • Answer to the security question . . .
        • cartwrightstreet (not case sensitive and no space between words)

On behalf of the Board Members, thank you in advance for your cooperation and attention to this new process.”

RV Parking Policy

The Board has approved a provision to allow RV parking on your driveway for up to 72 hours to mobilize and demobilize your unit. Please Note: This provision is not to be confused with intermittent temporary RV parking and any abuse of this provision could lead to a permanent ban of RV parking privileges. Please be considerate.