General Notices

Condo Fees

This is a friendly reminder that 2017 condo fees are due. The fees are due Jan 1, 2017 ($1,200) or if you choose to pay semi-annual Jan 1, 2017 ($600) and July 1, 2017 ($600). If you are paying semi-annually please include both cheques with your January payment and Post Date the July cheque. If you have paid already thank you and please disregard this notice.
Please make cheques payable to:

Wentworth at the Willows Condo Corp
Cheques can be dropped in the mailbox of our Treasurer; Randy Greenwald at Unit 26.

RV Parking Policy

The Board has approved a provision to allow RV parking on your driveway for up to 72 hours to mobilize and demobilize your unit. Please Note: This provision is not to be confused with intermittent temporary RV parking and any abuse of this provision could lead to a permanent ban of RV parking privileges. Please be considerate.